A Philadelphia Based Animation Collective

Upcoming Events

  • Wig-wag

    Peephole Cinema - 01/02/17 - 02/02/17

    A group showing of OOF Collective member animations at the Peephole Cinema, a dime-sized 24 hour silent film cinema in an alley in San Francisco.

Previous Events

  • An animation screening organized by OOF Collective and hosted by UARTS Animation.

  • For Ink & Print, OOF presents "Off-Message," a looping exhibit of eight animated shorts. These works demonstrate connections between language, print, and the moving image.

  • Lyrical Hysterical

    Crane Arts / Icebox - 6/29/14
    Press - The City Paper and The Art Blog

    Lyrical Hysterical is a screening of animated shorts curated by OOF animation collective. This screening celebrates experimental animations that captivate and transport viewers without traditional narratives and dialog. Through elliptical non-narrative structures, these films create fully realized worlds by way of stunning, hypnotic visuals and eerie audioscapes. Lush beauty is threatened by moments of danger, animated objects pulse with lives of their own, and each film is infused with its own mysterious undertones.

    The visuals in Lyrical Hysterical range from the observational to the surreal, from the flat to the multidimensional. Sounds play an important role in the films — ambient but not innocuous, they build to reach a fever pitch of alarm. Without the use of dialogue, these films use sight and sound to reveal treasures and horrors of places unknown.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner

    Vox Populi Aux Space - 11/12/13

    A Screening of Food-themed Experimental Animation & Video Hosted by OOF Collective for the CITYWIDE project.

  • The Dead Have Dreams

    Grizzly Grizzly - 8/12/13
    Press - The Art Blog

    This August – for one night only - Grizzly Grizzly will present a film screening guest curated by OOF, a Philadelphia-based animation collective. The Dead Have Dreams features 14 artists: Emilia Brintnall, Lilli Carré, Jo Dery, Juliette Goddard, Jason Hsu, Amy Lockhart, Lauren Kinley, Jodie Mack, Jillian Mayer, Ng’endo Mukii, Serge Onnen, Anastasia Owell, Nathania Rubin, Ben Wheele, and Karen Yasinsky. These works test the limits of reality and our ability to perceive them. Curated for their range of surrealist themes, the videos in this screening reflect the depth of ideas and techniques in contemporary animation.